Publishing tool

With an ALMEGO® subscription, you also get a publishing tool.

Our publishing tool gives you the possibility to publish approved/released SDS document to your website (or the website of your white/private label re-seller). You only need to implement a small code section to your website and you will be able to present SDS documents in an easy way. When you release an updated version, the former will be retracted.

See how it works - search for SDS examples below


Search for SDS examples & language versions

Find examples of safety data sheets language versions created in ALMEGO®. This is also an example of how our publishing tool can be set-up for you web-page. Making it possible to handle updating and publishing of you safety data sheets easily from your ALMEGO account. 

Please type "example" -  In the right cell, choose the language.

Reach the world with ALMEGO®

The map shows the countries/jurisdiction/languages currently available in ALMEGO®. Right now we can handle 40+ language regions, but more are added constantly. Please note that the language versions are not only about translations. ALMEGO® also makes it possible to handle exposure limits in different jurisdictions and local legislation like the German WGK and the Danish MAL code. Check the ALMEGO® terms and product description to see what local legislation can be handled in ALMEGO®. Search and see SDS examples for the different regions using the publication tool above.

ALMEGO worldmap