What is “SDS authoring software”?

SDS authoring software is a software that helps the user creating the 16 sections in a Safety Data Sheet. Software functionalities may span from simple database archives to advanced solutions with CLP calculation, smart updating, P-phrase algorithms and rules for phase selection.

“SDS management software” and simply “SDS software” are also used as other words for SDS authoring software. However, these terms can also just refer to software that cannot create Safety Data Sheets but instead has a large collection of Safety Data Sheets - typically with the focus of work place safety / delivering workplace instruction.

SDS authoring software have undergone tremendous development in the recent years, so perhaps you can get more help from an SDS authoring software than you expect.

ALMEGO is in an SDS authoring software in the advanced category, offering a lot of functionalities, a high degree of automation and build in guidance in an intuitive user interface. See for yourself how much help you can get from a software - book a demo now.