ALMEGO® is a next generation SDS authoring software developed by CHYMEIA ApS, a Danish based company that is 100% specialized in SDS and work place instruction (WPI) authoring software. Our mission is to automate and simplify chemical document compliance processes and at the same time improve document quality. CHYMEIA ApS has had a leading SDS authoring software on the Scandinavian market since 2007. Read more about CHYMEIA ApS.

In July 2021, CHYMEIA ApS was acquired by EcoOnline and CHYMEIA ApS became the SDS center of excellence in EcoOnline Global with ALMEGO® as the focal point. You can read more about the acquisition here or visit EcoOnline website.

ALMEGO® is thus developed based on more than decade of experience with our very successful SDS software AlphaOmega. But ALMEGO® is easier to use and easier to buy.  

  • It is a 100% NET/WEB/SaaS solution (no client server set-up/updates). 
  • It has more build in guidance and a more user friendly user interface. 
  • Unit pricing and flexible subscription replaces more rigid license modules.
  • It also includes several new features, like e.g. publishing SDS’s to web-site. 

Highlights from the CHYMEIA ApS SDS software timeline

  • 2007 - CHYMEIA ApS launched our first SDS authoring software, AlphaOmega. The software was a success because of a high degree of automation in the SDS authoring process.
  • 2010 - CHYMEIA ApS launched one of the world’s first CLP-calculators, several years before many competitors.
  • 2014 - CHYMEIA ApS starts developing a new and all web based SDS authoring software.
  • 2014, 2015 and 2016 CHYMEIA ApS was awarded the Danish Gazelle, a well-recognized Danish award for being part of the Danish business growth elite.
  • 2019 - ALMEGO® our next generation SDS authoring software was launched.
  • 2021 - CHYMEIA ApS became part of EcoOnline Global

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