Working with
Safety Data Sheets?

ALMEGO® is the new generation of SDS authoring software. It is provided by CHYMEIA ApS and based on more than a decade of development and dedicated focus on improving the SDS authoring process.

ALMEGO® offers a high degree of automation in a SaaS solution. The processes are supplemented by a unique built-in guidance, a flexible structure and an intuitive user interface. It is offered in a variety of affordable price-models, including unit/voucher-pricing.

ALMEGO® is targeted SDS authors in both small and large companies, and it is developed with a platform also making it an efficient, attractive and low-cost solution for SDS authoring consultants.

  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Built-in guidance and help functionalities.
  • High degree of automation with smart-rule authoring.
  • Easy updating and translations to many languages.
  • An advanced CLP calculator.
  • Easy data migration from the existing software.
  • Easy integration with other software.
  • A price model tailored with flexible terms.

Right? That is exactly what we have developed with ALMEGO®. This new SDS authoring software has been designed with the needs of the users in focus. All in an up-to-date SaaS platform. You can see and try it all online.

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