Unit pricing - pay per SDS

ALMEGO® SDS authoring software is priced based on usage. You simply pay a yearly fee pr. document in your ALMEGO® SDS database. The yearly fee includes all updates.
The price pr. document depends on the number and type of SDS documents. First payment is based on an estimate that is later adjusted to actual use. Simple and fair.
Contact us to get a link to a simulator, where you can calculate the price level for your estimated usage.

Keeping cost to a minimum

With an ALMEGO® subscription, you decide the price of your subscription with the number of SDS documents that you release. You can start low by solving your current need and slowly scale up, when your need for new documents increase.

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Reach the world with ALMEGO®

The map shows the countries/jurisdiction/languages currently available in ALMEGO®.

Right now we can handle 40+ language regions, but more are added constantly. Please note that the language versions are not only about translations. ALMEGO® also makes it possible to handle exposure limits in different jurisdictions and local legislation like the German WGK and the Danish MAL code. Check the ALMEGO® terms and product description to see what local legislation can be handled in ALMEGO®.

Search and see SDS examples for the different regions using the publication tool.

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